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There are several work opportunities at Kunstroute 65. Since the business is family managed, we only have opportunities in the online shop.

Content writers

Are you a creative writer with proper knowledge of SEO content optimization? Do you have a passion for home remodeling? You can submit your content to us for sale or join our team of writers.


We partner with several bloggers in the same or related niches to promote our blog in theirs and vise versa. We work with both new and established personal blogs as well as business blogs.

Internet marketers

If internet marketing is your thing, we have opportunities here for you. Our blog focuses more on the online market and therefore affiliate marketing is essential to us. We market our products on Social Media, Clickbank, and other marketing forums. You only need to know how to get traffic that converts, and you’ll land your job. Our products are known for quality, and so you can be sure that you’ll never lack customers. Click here for more about us.

Casino games

Online casino games are free to partner with us to promote their casinos and get more customers. Since we are yet to have an online casino to our name, we do not market any particular casino. You can be very sure to get clients if your games are better placed, easy and you offer free spin games as well.

How it works

The main idea is to bring out bedroom remodeling in a fun and creative way. If you submit your work and we get pleased, we pay for your article and have it published in our blog.

Our main focus areas are bedroom remodeling and stylish bedroom finishes.

Latest Updates

Bedroom casino is the newest development in our blog. It is meant to unite the bedroom remodeling and casino categories on common ground. Casino gamers have this opportunity to play bedroom-related games in order to win. It is more like a Question and Answer situation. We purpose to dwell on everything that summarizes the aim of this latest development. There is no blogger on online casino that can beat Kunstroute 65 in seamless incorporation of casino games into bedding business.

Do not be left out if you are a casino gaming expert. This is your chance to prove your experience in online casinos and enjoy the first ever games on bedding. Can you imagine casino games on bedding? We have worked with our partners to create a game that fits so well within our description. It is easy to play, and very simple to understand.

Furthermore, there are no download versions of this game. If you ever need the best online casino game to keep you busy, go for this. Free spin casino games are also available in Canada online casinos for your enjoyment. Sign up to follow our blog, and you’ll never be left behind.